Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

[Today is my wonderful parents' 44th anniversary. Of course, I had to post about it! Disclaimer: I'm not a poet and I know it! Just thought it would be more ambitious and more fun than writing a plain note. But don't forget, you can just scroll down to read my first two Sex and Suburbia Stories. And look for my latest column, Sex and Suburbia, High Maintenance, scheduled to post on Friday!]

By Julie Stankowski on November 25, 2008

Today, please celebrate with me
The ultimate meaning of “We.”

My mom and dad should prove to us all
How special love can be, above and beyond call.

They’ve spent 44 years as each other’s Prince and Princess
And today their love for each other is even more, not less.

They hold hands and kiss and reminisce
And enjoy special moments together, that they never miss.

Stronger than ever is their precious love affair
It’s truly amazing how much they care and share.

True best friends is what they are
In my opinion, they’ve really raised the bar.

As parents, they are stellar
Nobody could ever be better.

As individuals, they are divine
Each so special and one of a kind.

At last, they both have Medicare
So they’ll still have money to buy cute clothes to wear.

And they can now both go to the movies at a discount
So they’ll still have money to take their children out.

And let’s not forget the senior early bird specials
So they’ll still have money for whatever Nordstrom sells.

Inspirational is the description and despite their “old age”
They’re anything but beige.

Nobody loves them more than I
No matter how hard any one may try.

They are my heroes and I can’t adequately express
How very much I love them, even if I’m a teary mess!

May they enjoy many more years of health and happiness
And many more years of wedded bliss!



sue said...

that is beautiful from a beautiful girl,inside and outside,

Lindy said...

Sooo sweet. You are quite the poet!